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North Star Film Alliance

The North Star Film Alliance leads you to versatile locations, established film industry professionals, and effective incentive systems in three Northern European countries - Estonia, Finland and Latvia. Each unique, yet united in their versatility and shared values. Find eye-catching undiscovered locations shaped by the seasons, expeditious cash-rebate and native film professionals with sharp instincts. A down-to-earth approach to filmmaking that stands out.

Lets make a scene!

Chapter 1

Fantastic locations & where to find them

Three countries – Estonia, Finland, Latvia – forming a single film region with unforgettable locations and people

Aurora borealis in Lapland

Photo by Thomas Kast for Visit Finland

“I am extremely grateful to the government and people of Estonia, who welcomed us and enabled us to film in multiple locations in their beautiful country. It was an honor to shoot at Tallinn’s historic Linnahall and the Laagna Tee was the perfect location to shoot what was an incredibly demanding stunt sequence. The support of the mayor of Tallinn, as well as the public, was integral to our accomplishing it and the results are on the screen.”

Christopher Nolan (director, Tenet, Interstellar, Dunkirk)

Chapter 2

Seven reasons you will love working with us

The magnificent seven

Into the wild

Diverse and unique nature

Region with a pristine nature, brimming with never-before-used natural locations just awaiting to be discovered. The five distinct seasons – with nearly around the clock sunlight in summer and darkness in winter – as well as guaranteed snow in the Finnish Lapland only adding to the picture.

A house is not a Home

Architecture for every scene

Due to the rich history with both Nordic and Russian influence, the region offers architectural backdrops from medieval towns and Tsarist cathedrals to gritty Soviet-era sites, from fishing villages to contemporary cities and everything in between.

The Professional

Amazing film professionals

Estonia, Finland and Latvia are home to highly educated, skilled professionals committed to their craft. This vast array of talent at your fingertips through local companies offering 360° production, and coming to you with English fluency, typical for the region.


Top-notch technology

Region famed for its digital culture and services, often dubbed as the world-leader when it comes to technology. Whether it means fast and reliable internet, or all encompassing telecommunication coverage – or why not the best drone pilots in the world.

Smart Money

Cost-effective production

Joint film region with a competitive cost base, featuring parts sinificantly cheaper than many alternatives around the world. Featuring lucrative incentives making filming even more affordable, minimal bureaucracy and one entry point to keep things simple and easy.

Cast Away

World-renowned peace and quiet

Three countries all belonging to the European Union, all of them among the world's safest and politically stable nations. Small populations with plenty of space making them safe and peaceful, whether you're shooting in a city or a secluded hideaway.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Excellent transportation

Helsinki is the European hub for travel to Asia, offering the most direct flights to and from Asia, and is equally easily accessed from Europe, Africa and North America. Supported by wide and reliable regional transportation links on land, sea and air, tying the three countries together.

Chapter 3

Nothing but the truth



Have some

Chapter 4

The Baltic Sea connection


North Star Film Alliance connects you with national and regional commissions, specialists and unions of the region through our professional network with practical skills and a vivid fantasy.

Film Commisions and Cash rebates

Our incentives are as generous as your favorite grandma. Easy money does exist - our cash rebates are 25-50% cash back and no deadlines.


Film Estonia

Film Fund of Estonian Islands

Tartu Film Fund

Viru Film Fund


Audiovisual Production Incentive

North Finland Film Commission

Finnish Lapland Film Commission

East Finland Film Commission

Film Tampere

South East Finland Film Commission

West Finland Film Commission


The Latvian Co-financing Fund

Riga Film Fund


The studios in our region have state-of-the-art equipment, adaptable backlots and a choice of different sizes stages. Whether your production requires a water tank, a 360-degree shooting backlot, modern sound stage or a small photoshoot studio – you can find a facility to fit your need and budget.


Tallinn Film Wonderland


Angel Films Studio

Helsinki Airport



Aku's Factory


Villilä Studios


Riga Film Studio


Production companies

For information on local co-production companies, production services and, for example, crew rates and fringes in the NSFA region, you can contact local producers’ unions and associations listed here. They will introduce the most relevant production companies in the three countries.




Chapter 5

Call us by our names


AX-ON Inc.

株式会社日テレ アックスオン
Japan Office

Eleonora Granata Jenkinson

Melograno Films LLC
US Office

Ettie Mikita

Project Manager, Estonia 53 66 7334

Pia Naarajärvi

Project Manager Finland 40 482 4031

Laura Frinberga-Tuklere

Project Manager, Latvia 26140052

Sami Häikiö

Marketing Manager 40 595 1236

Hannes Aava

Communication Manager 5552 9211

Mirjam Mikk

Project Assistant 56 226 765

Eda Koppel

Project Country Expert Estonia 520 3306

Gren Noormets

Project Country Expert Estonia 51 160 80

Jānis Kalējs

Project Country Expert Latvia 2941 1317


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NSFA Brochure

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